Nokia 5800 XM NAM(850/1900): Reviews, Issues, Tips, Tricks & Support Thread!!

Thanks for the help Qwavel.

Is Nokia Messaging just an update to the s60 Messaging app that handles SMS, MMS, email, etc. or is it the new push email app for s60 (which I thought was called Nokia Email). I tried the Nokia push email on my E63, and I had nothing but problems with it. I found that the built-in email client was stable and fine for my needs.

I have a stand alone GPS and I rarely use it. The times that I have needed to get directions, google maps has worked great. I'm not sure I want to take up precious memory with Ovi Maps, and I do have unlimited data.
so i got bored and tried cps speedy go! app. thing sucks. it takes like 12 mbs and does something with it. it makes it so that your phone "seems" faster but that's about it. like all those apps are opened or something, just can't see it in taskman. i'd rather just have the ram.
Creating the support thread as the phone is out. As the title says, please post any reviews, tips, issues here :2thumbs:
lol, i clicked on the play button 3 times before i realized it was an image :silly:

that keypad comes up when you're using T9. it should be the keypad for the dialer too, huh? its weird that they put such a crappy keypad for the dialer.
I got this phone two months ago, and I must say I am enjoying it much more with the introduction of much more software. The facebook app and mippin have made it much easier to use. If we can get the bloomberg app out soon, plus an optimized opera mini, I would be a very happy 5800 user.
How do you activate auto full screen in the native browser? I have to click on the option to do it.

Also, I am on firmware 31 and do not have kinetic scrolling in the native browser.
Can't think of a time when I'd be talking on the phone AND taking a picture to send to someone else while I was still on the active call. That's asking a bit much of any (current) smartphone, and the 5800 isn't top-tier.

However, it IS good to know it's that easy to do it!
Um, yah, what he said (mostly).

Just last night I was wondering why so many peeps were bi*ching about the 5800 compared to phones costing 2x (or more), and complaining that the apps weren't already there when it was only released for the US market a few months ago.

I was showing it off to a friend last yesterday and she go all big-eyed and said, "You got ALL THAT for only $300?!"

There are things I want to see improved, but a week after "straight out of the box" and I'm still tickled with what I got for the $$.
You can very easily fix your word suggestions. I do this all the time. The problem is when you type a word by accident or wrong for some reason its automatically entered into the predictive text library.

To fix it all you have to do is type the correct word, and use the star button to select the correct word in the list. Do this over and over in a row. It will default to the correct word in about 5-10 times i promise. I do it all the time.
on a different note, do any of you guys use a case? I've tried the epik resin case and the otterbox commuter. I'm just wondering what else is out there.
Can you check the call logs for me, please? Before the contacts name does a small icon show to identify if that number is their home/office/cell? Also, from call logs can you easily access the contact details for that contact?

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to seperate the video from pictures? When I open up Images and Video to view my pictures it also has my video. This really makes it hard to find what I want. Can I seperate them into folders on the flash card?
There are no differences from 0559682 and 0577454 firmware other than the first one having support for Dutch in additional to the other languages that the 0577454 supports. other than that, there are different default settings (one example: network time turned off by default for 0559682). That's it! There was really nothing to worry about when it came to using 0559682 because the that phone has identical hardware to 0577454.