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It's not my fault I have so many songs on the first page, I followed the rules :(. It's just they keep getting bumped with useless comments like "It's boring" and "NEATO".

Also, I don't deserve a mod position, ever.
I lock my cat in my room when I have flies; she eats them.

Congrats on the gig. I want to go criticing... but I can't :( . My brain hurts and when that happens I give very impolite critics, even when people don't 100% deserve it.
The only problem people might have with the earlier albums, if they do enjoy Bright Eyes at all, is that the sound is a lot less produced and more raw, especially the vocals. However i do agree that they're much better lyrically. My favourite album has got to be Lifted.... It's much more solid all round (You Will, Bowl of Oranges, Lover I Don't Have To Love, Method Acting, Nothing Gets Crossed Out) than Fevers and Mirrors, off which i only really like 3 tracks (Haligh Haligh, An Attempt to Tip The Scales, The Calendar Hung Itself).

I think is the greatest site ever.
Well if you merged all her accounts together you wouldn't have a larger post count.

p.s I'm sticking to my word, I'm keeping an eye on this place. :cool:
It was more to do with imagery. I looked at my favorite lyricists and I noticed there wasn't very much descriptiveness in their writing, not like you see around here. Instead there was a lot of inner dialogue, thoughts, funny or strange observations. The point being, Beatles lyrics would be ripped on here, which I found amusing all things considered. Would we have such classic tunes if Lennon and McCartney weren't fearless when it came to writing stupid shit?
Norma Jean? I have no opinion on them whatsoever. In fact, I'm not even sure I've heard anything by them more than once.
haha, I haven't forgotten Red, I promise. Just had a busier day than I expected yesterday. I'll get to it asap. :)
Hey, I didn't say it was my goal... my goal is to wangle myself a three-way with Keira Knightley and Kate Beckinsdale, but in the absence of that, I'll settle for two other attractive 20-something females.
Yeah, I'm only in my first year. I've talked about changing, but they it's too late. I'm not even that good at Maths, only a B at GCSE :/ I actually don't mind doing the year again, it's just the kiRAB in the year below me are fags. It's kinda down to me really, I'm SO lazy. Gotta sort that out, soon. If I do A levels I like, I'll get better results, all I want is good enough results, in any subject, to go to uni.

Think I'm just gonna drop Phy and Math. I'm just gonna fail em anyway
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With your head down in the pig bin,
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I don't enjoy screaming very much. It seems they've run out of things to say and so they go:

Acoustic music I do like though. :)