Albums You're Digging II


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Happy Hollow - Cursive

I actually got all excited yesterday because I actually found a copy of this album at a music store, and I had been looking everywhere for one. I hadn't listened to this album in the longest time, so it was rather nice to find and re-hear it.
Favorite Tracks: Dorthy Dreams Of Tornadoes, and Dorthy At Forty

The only Reverand Horton Heat album I've got is his debut, Smoke 'em If You Got 'em. Classic psychobilly album, if you haven't got it already. I take it those three are worth a listen?

Bob Dylan - Desire
^ I can't believe it's taken me so long to get into Dylan. Brilliant album, even if it's the only Dylan record I have. One More Cup Of Coffee's my favourite at the minute.


Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach - Painted From Memory
^Some great music to mellow out to here. It's basically soppy charaber music for grown-ups, and bits of it are therefore pretty tacky, but a few songs are as good as any Costello's sung.


David Bowie - Heathen
^Has one too many cover songs on it, but otherwise it easily stanRAB up with the man's best work.


Television Personailities - And Don't the KiRAB Just Love It
^Worth it for I Know Where Syd Barret Lives alone!

There are some real gems on here but also some average tunes. If you like The Kinks give this a listen but lyrically it is far behind the masters.

I love the beguiling simplicity of this album.
well, i'm definately gonna spin Beefheart again, but as of now, i'm infatuated with this

Dixie Dregs-Free Fall

second time today that i'm giving it a spin, which is unusual for me as i don't replay albums that much is so little time..
The actual song Simple Headphone Mind, jackhammer put on a mixtape and I reckon that it is a brilliant song. Is that album indicative of that sound?

FMD I can't believe I ignored this album on my computer for so long... Been on there maybe a year now and only just gave it a fair go. Exactly what I have been looking for, harsh like Brotherhood of the Borab by Techno Animal with a lot of good thought put into the beats. May eventually slot in 3rd in my favourite rap albums after Architechnology and BOTB.
Now I have moved onto Dream It Down by the Underground Lovers... some brilliant, dreamy, slow paced but amazing tune - age...
hardcore. hardcore in the best, classic sense. raw. love the track titles. the beats. golden era hip-hop. For some reason i keep judging this against the first Mobb Deep record, and this comes out on top
Hehehehe... I am trying to spread the love, as always... I may live in Wisconsin, but my family (and a good deal of my heart) are pure unadulturated Aussie... I am Adelaide boy of thirty years heritage, hoping to return some day...

Whats cooking as far as good Aussie music (beside the Church), is concerned?
^ You, sir, are in for a damn cool couple of albums there. This Nation's Saving Grace particularly - some of the best all-round band performances I've ever heard on record myself on that album.
Yeah but I do have lapses in taste now and again and The Smiths are not one of my favourite banRAB anyhow.