Why do other cultures that differ from white, western culture seen as hateful?


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Pardon me, but didn't western/white society invade other countries, steal it's resources, while simultaneously raping the citizens of the country they invaded?

This is how "white/western" society/culture got rich, by constantly invading other countries and stealing it's resources.

And some user has the nerve to say that other cultures are hateful simply for existing.

This is how western society thrived, by taking away the resources from other countries by violence and genocide. Also making a whole country addicted to Opium, whereby when that country tried to fight the addiction, western white people decided to have a war, because the chinese were not buying anymore of Opium which was destroying it's culture.
@ Hermit, I have no qualms regaring white people, only white people who felt entitled to say that ehtnic cultures should not exist because they are wiping out western culture.

I beg to differ in that case.
White people have to realise what happened in the past to curb further pain and suffering that their behaviour bestowed onto other people.

I missed this, but what did you think? I know this latest one got poor reviews but First Class and Days of Future Past were enjoyable enough.