Nokia 5800 XM NAM(850/1900): Reviews, Issues, Tips, Tricks & Support Thread!!

I agree, the only thing that is not better is the music player. I can't understand why they removed the artists from the selection and now the choice artists and albums which means you can't select all songs of an artist and play them and need to make a playlist instead. Also you can't add a cover from the phone since the details are not editable like on the 5800.
yea that does suck. i just use media monkey to add the covers before transferring it to the phone. i don't even care for the coverflow. i'd rather have them add the ability to crossfade tracks or something.
I use media monkey too and it synchronizes very good and you don't need to refresh the library. Sometimes I noted though that the cover is not transferred maybe one out of 30 or something. Are you using media transfer mode or PC suite mode when transferring with media monkey? I have almost always used the PC suite or rather Ovi Suite these days and I have not seen any difference.
not sure what you mean by what mode as it automatically detects the phone and you just click the "sync to device" button?

but i'm just using the phone in PC suite mode. i use that mode for everything except transferring large files. it's slower in PC suite mode. Mass storage seems to be faster.

i've been using Ovi Suite. I just like that everything is in one place now like updates and maps and stuff. instead of separate apps like with PC suite.