Is this a legit website?


New member It just looks fake to me. Will it give me a virus or actually fix my problem?
Sorry i don't know anything about that company. If you want to find that company legit or scam you can follow the below steps
1) Do proper research:First you can to do a proper research something like face book or any other social networking sites page.You can check previous deals and users response on them
2) Read customer reviews Customer reviews is also very important so you can regularly check for the customer review of a page.
3) Use whois lookup tool :You can use whois information here they are providing all details like website owner contact details,email id,phone no.etcc.First you can check all of them whether the phone no,email id and contact details is right or wrong.
If it is right means it is a good website. You can use that site.If you find the whois information is fake please don't make order or use this site.If you need whois look up tool you can visit this site here you can get the full information about that particular website