is pam cooking spray vegan ? (original made with canola oil)?


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just curious , it's a lot easier to just throw that on tofu rather than getting out the vegetable oil and then spilling it.

the ingredients are : canola oil,lecithin from soybeans, water, rosemary extract, and propellant (?)
Everything else looks vegan, but Propellant?? I don't know what that might mean exactly in terms of food. I'd have to look it up & I can't easily do that at the moment.

But, I don't use that crap anyway. You're much better off just using olive oil or other vegetable oil. It's much healthier for both you (and whoever else might be eating the food) and the environment. As far as I know, Pam spray only comes in aerosol cans.
Yes it looks vegan. some brands have milk in them, I know this from experience so watch out. But that Pam spray sounds fine.
I bought a Pam olive oil spray not an aerosol can the only difference is it;s 5 calories per serving I’m pretty sure unless they added an ingredient