Is a legit site to buy anime from? may i have your reviews?

silent screams

New member
okay.. so i have been looking for the complete sailor moon episode set +movies EVERYWHERE and I came across Amime Dvd Supply.. they have it there for about 140 dollars..

i really want to buy it but i've read online that their movies look fake and are bootleg..
i wouldn't exactley care as long as they are accurate and high-quality bootlegs.. i just want the set and be able to enjoy the episodes/movies without paying more than that out the ass..

has anyone ever ordered from there? should i go for it? help??! :3
thankies :3
Sorry i don't know anything about that site.
If you want to find this site is legit or not, before buying a products which is cost low and if they deliverer soon you can buy high cost product from the site. You can believe them. I follow this method before buying products form a new site . You can also do a whois search using this site and find out the owner details,email id and etc...Because while registering

a owner of the website need to give a original id,address to the registrar. So if you can contact the website owner in case of any problem. If they response soon. It is a good website.Other wise if you find the information is fake please don't make order or use this site

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