How to find and trace an I.P address?

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Ok so i have a situation with an online impersonator. On Facebook i was messaged by a random asking to be friends and just general chatting you know. But now it's turned out to be friend of mine but i'm not sure who it is. The reason i know it's a friend is because of the randomness and the fact "she" added my friends aswell and also other random things.

so what i'm trying to figure out is weather i can figure out there i.p address through facebook and trace it to find out who it is?

Thanks :)
Try this,though I am not sure; .With just an ip address a normal person can trace it back to the corresponding ISP using sites like .But even then hackers use VPN and other IP hiders for such activity.So best is contacting the police autorities.They have permission to greater extent hence they will be able to catch the hackers sooner.
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