How can I make up for never having the "Sex Talk?"?

sean b

New member
I'm a 26 year old black gay male who comes from a Christian baptist back ground. I understand why I never got the official sex talk. My mother definitely didn't know how to tell her gay son that what he was feeling was natural, considering she wanted me to not be gay.
But all of that aside.
At 26 I have the most unusual...view on sex. I don't like talking about it in public, cringe when I hear about, I have never been in a real relationship, when I do have sex it's usually rushed and random (safe), sometimes I have an orgasm too quickly and other times I can't have one at all. Not to mention, chronic masturbation.
I believe this all resulted from never having a sex talk with my parents. The best my mom could do was telling me that sex is only for reproduction (which I believe was a ploy) and that she has only had sex three times because she only has three kids. This created a very archaic attitude about sex and gave me a lot of guilt whenever I would get physical.
I'm at a point where I'm changing things in my life and want to have a healthy relationship. Im comfortable with being gay, but im not sure about my sexuality and what I like and what Im capable of. And I want to be comfortable with sex. Is there anything I can do to be comfortable and be better in bed? Keep in mind I'm not sure if this is a "practice makes perfect" sort of thing considering I don't last long and don't want to use someone for practice.

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