Can I Use an Old Casiotone CT-460 as a Midi Keyboard?


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Im new to producing, and im slowly building my studio. I came across an old Casio-tone CT-460 in my garage and want to know if it would even work with my computer as a midi. It has Midi In and Out. It also has a Sustain jack and an output jack. I know i need a midi to usb plug, im just not sure if i should buy the plug if this keyboard wont even work? And if it will work, what do i need to get it started besides the midi/usb plug, i.e. drivers, etc.
Im sure it is from at least the early 80's, and my laptop is about a year old. So.. basically, can this old casio be used on my computer as a midi, for programs like FL Studio, Ableton Live, etc. I need an opinion from someone with knowledge of Studio Equipment, and/or old casio keyboards, because im getting very confused. I read something about it not being able to read frequencies, and i don't know if that has anything to do with it being used with a computer?

Also: I don't just want to use the output plug to record my keyboard jams. I need a midi, so if this keyboard wont serve that purpose, what are some suggestions for a good inexpensive midi for a beginning producer? Im into Experimental-Hip-Hop.
I'm trying to do the exact same thing with a CT-460 as well. No luck yet. Where you able to get it up and running as a midi device on your computer? Thanks!
Casio Tone CT-460 MIDI Controller

I am trying this too, no luck yet with USB<->MIDI. I had it connected via serial port year ago and ran Absynth fine through midi. Perhaps it needs a serial cable<->MIDI vs USB<->MIDI.

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