Can i use a "True Move" sim card in an "Orange UK" locked handset?


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I need to use my phone for calling whilst in Thailand for 3 weeks, but don't fancy paying the £1 a minute roaming charge through Orange UK
When someone travels to a foreign land they will have to face roaming charges if they stick on to the original carrier they are avoid the roaming charges one can either rent a mobile in the foreign country or use a local sim. When you rent a mobile be careful to read the regulations and lease period. Renting a cell phone is advised for those who are traveling overseas for only one or two weeks. To rent a phone in U.K you can approach any rental companies that is comfortable for your budget.

Another option is to use a local sim with your mobile. For that your mobile should be unlocked one so as to accept the sim card that you insert. If it is locked with a particular network then it won't be able to recognize or accept other networks. To unlock your phone you can approach the respective network provider or any third party unlocking websites like and remove the restriction. Once the mobile is unlocked you can use the phone with the local sim.

Choose an option depending on the number of days that you stay and the one that is economical for you.

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