Age Of Empires 2: Age of Kings? Rank civilizations from best to worst, or give

Under what circumstances are Britons worse than Teutons?
. Longbowmen, in large groups, are better than Teutonic Knights in large groups. Also, when facing computers harder than easy, they have a (highly annoying) computer AI that moves all their archers back when you get close to them. Especially when facing against Mongols or other Pro-Cavalry Archer civilizations, Teutons soon rely on Cavalry.

My ranking (btw, i play "The Conquerors"):

1. Huns
2. Franks
3. Spanish
4. Britons
5. Saracens
6. Persians
7. Turks
8. Mongols
9. Japanese
10. Byzantines
11. Aztecs
12. Teutons
13. Celts
14. Goths
15. Vikings
16. Koreans
17. Chinese
18. Mayans

1. Huns: No Houses make space to build a very high convenience, as well, saves your bacon when you're in a bad situation or your houses and castles are being destroyed. Tarkans are overall, extremely overpowered: A decent attack, seige damage, and good armor makes Tarkan armies the most destructive when facing off against late-game computer bases: usually doted with Castles. Cavalry archers are made cheaper, rendering them the third best cav-archer race. Their special research, Atheism, is pretty hacked. Lastly, when in late-game, you usually resort to massing trebuchets with defenders, OR Paladins. Theirs are the second best, trailing the...

2. Franks: The most powerful Paladins as well as an efficient ranged hack unit give them a huge advantage when both attacking and defending. Cheaper Castles give them a huge advantage late game, especially against retarded computers which keep sending one unit at a time, or unguarded trebuchets. The rest of their civilization is average, but having a good Paladin is a great advantage.

3. Spanish: Now making the Turks look uncivilized, their gunpowder and religion combo make for an efficient attacker and annoying opponent. Their Cannon Galleons have cheats on, and somehow, said "Screw Newton" And make their cannons go faster. This results in their Cannon Galleons being the most fearful unit at sea. Besides that, their Paladins

4. Britons: As i said earlier, the longbowman is an exceptional unit. If upgraded to the fullest, they can outrange Non-Teutonic castles as well as destroy all non-cannon based unit without damage. The rest of their civilization is par. Their entire civ suffers from having no gunpowder. I think i may have ranked them too high, but having the longbowman is enough of a reason for me.

5. Saracens: Perhaps the most all-around civilization, tied with the Byzantines, the Saracens can combat almost anything: Their religion is the third best, their anti-cavalry by far outranks all, considering the Mameluke, and their Cavalry Archers are arguable the best in the game. They don't suffer many lost techs, and can be very creative. Lose a few points for having poor mainstream cavalry (Knights)

6. Persians: Although they possess the most powerful unique unit, they lack one tech which can easily render Persians useless: Heresy. If you don't know what Heresy is, it's a tech found at the Monestary which instead of giving your unit when converted, they die mysteriously. Obviously, there are mini assassins that cling onto every unit once researched, once they get converted, BOOM. Dead. That's also why it costs 1000 gold.
Anyway, besides heresy, they have one of the best Paladins and their cavalry archers are pretty good, although they lack Bracers. Just remember: when facing Persians, always... ALWAYS be Saracen. Believe me.

7. Turks: Gunpowder units, as a set, become the most powerful unit in late-game situations, and having so many bonuses on them gives the Turks an advantage. They can mine gold faster, giving them another edge, as well, their armory and cavalry are pretty good, except for the lack of Paladins. However, they lack good counter units as well as a good religion.

8. Mongols: The Mongols have arguably the best Cavalry Archers, tied only to Saracen C.A.'s. The tech "Drill" is odd, however, makes their siege attacks highly dangerous. Add a dozen or so C.A's to defend them from melee attackers and you have a perfect assault. Not even Mangonels, the counter for ranged units, can stand very long against well managed Mangudai's. If (and IF) you can find a counter to CA's, then they are rendered mostly useless. However, the only unit i can consider are Mameluke's that can counter CA's. Another reason to be Saracen.

9. Japanese: Their wacked-out infantry and an overall good civilization land them a pretty for rank. However, infantry in this game don't usually cut it, hence why they're the highest ranked civilization with a Unique infantry unit (Throwing Axemen don't exactly count), only at rank 9. Since their infantry are perhaps the second best in the game, a lot of them is a good idea with CA's as a secondary, since they are one of the best. Their navy is impressive, and the bonuses on Fishing boats is sort of interesting. However, whenever facing computers, they target fishing boats quite frequently. Regardless, if you're stuck with them, you can, again, be quite creative. Their Cavalry are one of the worst, however.

10. Byzantines: Almost a copy of my Saracen review. They lose a few extra points because of the lack of Blast Furnace, making their Cataphracts less effective than they should be. Their religion is in a tie for second, next to Teutons, and again, they can be very creative. Still miss Blast Furnace, though.

11. Aztecs: Lacking Cavalry is a huge hindrance when it comes to armies, but their infantry, being the best in the game, counter that. Their religion is the best, and their monks are, in fact, more powerful than most non-cavalry unit. However, those two are the ONLY TWO THINGS THEY CAN DO! Halberdiers aren't researchable, and their archers are only average. Their siege is, somehow, lacking and, most obviously, they can't get gunpowder. This is probably why their bonuses are so amazing, like improved relic trickle and increased carrying capability.

12. Teutons: Strangely, they used to be my favourite civilization. That was, until i started playing against something harder than easiest. In general, their infantry are very good, and the Teutonic Knight is like a tank without range. However, that is exactly why they are the most counter-able unit in the game. An obvious reason is their slow trot that they resort to, so if you're facing any civilization with a decent set of archers, and you have the ability to micro-manage them, than Teutonic Knights are rendered useless. Their Paladins are pretty good, but for some reason, i can't get over the fact that they are the slowest in the game. Their castles have the longest range, but then, can't research Bracers. Their Cannon Galleons can't become elite Basically, they are an ultimate civilization that is almost there, but one or two faults push them down on my list.

13. Celts: What is interesting about them is that they are a surprisingly fun race to play with. Woad Raiders are perhaps, the most entertaining unit to fight with, and are so nicely made. Their siege weapons are top notch, and their woodcutting abilities are the best in the game. However, like the Aztecs, that is just about the degree of their civilization. Their archers are perhaps the worst in the game and their cavalry are so-so, all missing the high leveled blacksmith upgrades.

14. Goths: Now, I don't think the Goths are bad. However, when i ranked these, they seemed to have fallen this low for a few reasons. First, they are an infantry based civilization, which to start with, never stands up to cavalry based ones. Second, Their infantry miss the high leveled armor, making them weak when attacking and defending. Their biggest weakness is probably their lack of walls and towers. Castles are buildable, but without decent walls, they become highly susceptible to raids and attacks. What does make me happy to play as them, is there simply amazing reproduc- i mean, fast training abilities, referring to their duel unique techs, Perfusion and Anarchy. Although Huskarls are extremely good versus archers, they are pretty bad against almost anything else.

15. Vikings: I really don't want to repeat what i said for the Goths. They are pretty much the same in almost every way, except the Vikings have better naval battle. Why aren't they better? Goth's can't pump out an army in about a minute, anywhere on the land.

16. Koreans: When i thought about it, the Koreans aren't very bad. I think i am being a little too mean on them for putting them as on of the worst, but they are exceptionally boring to play with. Their archers are so-so excluding the War Wagon, which now, considering the update, are a little harder to make, their cavalry are nothing special as well as their infantry. Their siege is second best next to the Celts, but Mangonels are easily countered by anything that isn't ranged excluding Mangudai's. Tower range is interesting at first, but late game, becomes highly unnecessary. The Stone mining bonus is pretty cool as well as villager LOS, but it's all gimmicks to make you play as them

17. Chinese: Why i don't like the Chinese isn't anything racial, but they simply lack in a lot of fields. Chu-Ko-Nu's are decent, but aren't strong enough to make siege attempts with them, and i think Ensemble Studios and Microsoft purposely made Elite Chu-Ko-Nu's only 5 HP better as a joke. Their infantry is lacking as well as their cavalry, and really, REALLY have no impressive military bonuses. Another reason why i don't like them is because my version likes playing jokes on me, like having me play as the Chinese 50% of the time when i select random. Damn game.

18. Mayans: Basically, the Aztecs, except crazy of archers. Their archers that are pretty good, but the Plumed Archer is a joke. We want MORE range, not less. Why i put them at the bottom is because they have not finishing moves. Their infantry are not bad, since the Eagle Warriors are quite powerful, but the Eagle Warriors are easily countered by basically ANYTHING. They don't have bonus siege attack, but instead, speed. Obviously, this is made to combat the Aztecs, but you can be ANY other civilization (maybe except Saracens) and still counter the Aztecs. No attack bonuses on the archers is rather stupid, and their bonuses are so foolish. Obviously, 2 stone off every wall piece IS going to be the "make-it or break-it" point. If you were wondering, i was being SARCASTIC. They get more resources of everything, which is interesting, but not exactly fast. It is good for long games, but chances are, you'll have been ripped apart by cavalry or practically anything else that isn't archer based.

I hope you enjoy this. I have been dying to make this list for 4 years, but never had the patience to finish it. I was also hoping to get a full list from Jon, but that's ok. Thanks for the conversation starter.
Top 10 civs

1. Huns: They don't build houses! They have a very strong army with heavy cav archers and Paladins. There siege is ok and there infantry are great.

2. Turks: They just don't win in 1v1 but when its a team game the Turks are king of the war. Turks with great Siege and Camels supported by outstanding Gunpowder they are bosses!

3. Mayans: A great eco civ with great infantry and Archers they are eco bosses!

4- Byzantines: They have very good trash and a strong imperial army!

5- Vikings: A water king! There land is great and if your enemy is goths and your viking your a king. A bit of Beserks and Arberlest and you win!

6- Mongols: Amazing cav archers and thats it. There archers can be support with siege!

7- Britions- The British army is a boss in the battlefeild, its archers are a king. Can be supported with siege and Infantry. Town centers are cheaper!

8- Franks- There Paladins are OP! They have free farm upgrades and Cheeper castles!

9- Aztecs- There Eco is the best in the game! However slaking a strong army as their unique unit is useless they are never going to be stronger than the Mayans!

10- Japanese- A ok civ I guess, Not a very powerful army, Cav archers and Siege are a great force which Japanese can get!

In a competitive scenario these rankings above are inaccurate. Look at you tube, Resonance22 or Spirit of the Law:
Ranking should not be focused on the late game, but more on economy and early game rushing potential. Races like the Turks are easy to beat because they lack a strong trash (end game low resource) unit combo and they are gold heavy and heavily susceptible to a rush. Races like the Franks can be easily countered due to their one sided Paladin which is countered by Halberders. They have little else. VIkings do not have great land. Byzantines have an okay IMP. Mayans are versitile which allows them to keep opponents off balance whereas the the Aztecs are INfantry only, Versatility is key. Mayans > Aztecs. The Plumed Archer speed is more important the range. They are raiding units not front line holders. Spanish got nerfed in expansions and were really dependent on a good eco and boom (countered by a rush). Saracens are not good. No real strengths and no real strategies. They are okay at booming, but have no trash. Huns Magyars BYzantines, Slavs and Japanese should be at the top. Britons are countered easily (archer heavy)
These rankings seem based on playing an AI (which does not rush like a competitive player will and allows you to boom)
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